Portable Smoothie Maker

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Relish the fresh & delicious smoothies & milkshakes every day at home with this 2-in-1 smoothie maker! This 380 ml portable and rechargeable USB electric smoothie maker doubles up as a drinking bottle.



Seniority presents ready to go 2-in-1 smoothie maker and water bottle, to make your breakfast fresh, healthy and refreshing. Made of non-toxic material that is safe to use. Powered by a 2000 mAh battery and sturdy stainless-steel 4 blades allows easy & quick blending of ingredients to give you the perfect texture. The portable handheld smoothie maker & blender can be charged by power bank, laptop, computer, or other USB charging devices.

How to Use

  • Fill water or any other liquid and then put fruit to make smoothies. (Fill only 70% of the holder capacity for the ingredients to move freely)
  • Please align the three sensors on the bottom of the jar with the on-off button to make the smoothie maker work. (A blue light will blink if the sensors are aligned properly.)
  • Lock the smoothie maker tightly after putting all the ingredients, then tilt the smoothie maker upside down. Start the smoothie maker in the upside down position & slowly get it back to the normal position.
  • In case the ingredients get jammed/stuck between the blades of smoothie maker and it stops working, just tilt the smoothie maker upside down and let the smoothie maker run-in upside-down position.
  • Keep the pieces of fruit or vegetable as small as possible.
  • Make sure the battery is fully charged before using it. A blue-red light blinking indicates low battery.
  • As this is a portable smoothie maker, the motor is not as powerful as the normal mixer blender, so it requires some efforts to mix the contents and make smoothies, hence shaking the smoothie maker while use is recommended for better results.
  • Before using the product, make sure the battery is full. It takes upto 2 hours for the battery to get fully charged.
  • Put small chunks of fruit/vegetable along with the liquid. Please avoid big pieces.
  • Fill upto 80% of the full capacity of juicer, do not fill upto the brim. Leave some space for full functioning of the smoothie maker.


  • Transparent body
  • Sturdy stainless-steel 4 blades
  • Easy to operate
  • Rechargeable battery powered
  • BPA Free
  • Available in assorted colours
  • Powered by 2000 mAh in-built re-chargeable battery

Important Instructions

  • The product cannot crush hards seeds, so please avoid using the same.
  • Pomegranate seeds cannot be crushed completely.
  • The product automatically turns off every 60 sec to avoid battery damage; Wait for 5 seconds and press start button again.
  • Use the fruits without the skin if possible.
  • Hard fruits and vegetables to be avoided.
  • Do not apply soap to the machine body.
  • Remove jar and lid and wash separately
  • Clean the blades gently, avoid putting water on the machine body.

Product WarrantyThis product has 6 months* manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. *T&C apply:

  • Not valid on wear and tear
  • Not valid on water damage
  • Not valid on accidental damage during usage

Product Specifications

Brand Everfresh By Seniority
Return Policy 15 Days
Warranty 6 Months
Color Available In Assorted Color


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